About Safe & Safer

One of the most important consumables in today’s difficult times are the ones that keep us and our communities safe.
Safe & Safer team

We are a family business based in Slough with over 20 years of experience in design, manufacturing and distribution of apparel in the United Kingdom and Europe.

We have now refocused our sourcing power on expanding the supply of PPE equipment to address the current crisis and meet the high demand of these much-needed products. Since our immense efforts to source a range of PPE products from trusted manufacturers in China and Europe, we have helped the NHS to fill in the supply of shortages for medical staff. We have seen an increase in suppliers taking advantage of the current situation by pricing these essential products exorbitantly and we decided to set a standard and be one of the most affordable websites for the purchase of 3-Ply surgical masks & KN95 masks.

Safe & Safer products enable us to carry on with our essential activities, practise our hobbies, collaborate with each other in a safer manner and do vital work to provide for our families and help our communities. They are designed to give us the sense of protection which we need. When we feel protected, we can do our best work.

Our company, Brands Edition Limited, have launched the website “Safe & Safer” driven by this ambition.

We take the safety of our products seriously. And this is why we work with factories which are fully tested and carry out regular inspections on our products and share lab results with our clients and consumers. All our masks carry European safety certification.

We want our face masks to reach as many people as possible so we partner with resellers which uphold our ethos of keeping our communities safe and making our masks available and affordable to all.

Real impact in the real world.

Our masks are helping people and businesses in the UK to get on with their lives in a safer way. We hear the heart-warming stories of our customers who are grateful for being able to purchase a mask without having to wait weeks for a delivery and having to pay a small fortune for such a simple item.

When people feel safe, they’re happier. That’s why we believe that our products are made to ultimately keep us happy.

For special wholesale discounts, please contact our friendly sales team.
Whether you’re a big enterprise or have a small business of your own, we can help you to navigate these difficult times and keep your customers and staff - safe and happy.


Thank you for your trust!